Michiana Archery

Youth Programs

Instruction for all levels. Come improve your archery skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Guiding The Next Generation

Michiana Archery is committed to hosting youth archery programs that promote character development, citizenship and physical fitness, including Scouting USA Archery, American Heritage Girls, USA Archery and Trail Life USA.

Scouting USA Archery

Scouting USA Archery is a great option for those who are looking for an archery program that aligns with the values of the Boy Scouts of America. American Heritage Girls is a faith-based organization we partner with to provide archery opportunities for girls aged 5-18.


For boys, Trail Life USA combines archery and outdoor adventure with growth in faith, while children seeking a more competitive archery experience are often suited for USA Archery involvement.

Bulk Rental Equipment

Michiana Archery is also a trusted supplier of bulk rental equipment to regional camps at discount prices, capable of outfitting large groups with quality gear and guidance. We offer range and equipment evauations, alterations, camp instructor training and support.

Introducing Archery To Kids

These programs provide opportunities for kids to learn archery, develop teamwork and practice sportsmanship, all while having fun. With archery, kids can experience the satisfaction of hitting the bullseye while fostering important life skills. Contact us today or visit the shop to learn more about our youth programs!