Michiana Archery

Adaptive & Senior Archery

Instruction for all levels. Come improve your archery skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Archery for All

Archery is a sport without limitations. At Michiana Archery, we create a program tailored to each student’s particular needs. Our adaptive archery classes are designed for shooters with cognitive or physical disabilities, as well as seniors who may require assistance from adaptive devices.

Build New Skills

Adaptive and Senior Archery classes provide an opportunity for students to participate in an activity they may not be able to participate in otherwise, with a variety of equipment available to accommodate different abilities.

Socialize & interact

Classes also provide a way for students to socialize and interact with others in a positive, supportive environment while improving their coordination, concentration and self-esteem. 

Gain Confidence

Students who enroll in Adaptive and Senior Archery classes often find they enjoy the challenge of the sport and the sense of accomplishment that comes with hitting the target.

An Experience for Everyone

Visit the shop or contact us today to schedule an appointment. Together, we’ll tailor an adaptive archery experience to fit your needs!